Bulgarian Bride Traditions

If you’re planning your bride abroad, incorporating bulgarian marriage customs is a great strategy https://www.themanual.com/culture/online-dating-how-to-create-a-winning-profile/ to increase intriguing detail and meaning into your special moment. From kneading bakery to throwing the box and trimming the cake, these conventions are steeped in history and lifestyle, and are a fun way to convey your federation with one another.

In Bulgaria, there are two ways to get married – in a church ( religious ) or before the municipality ( civil ). Regardless of which one you choose, both may usually involve theological rites like reading Bible verses, putting crown’s on the child’s minds and going round a board of icons. In addition, the couple is accompanied by their first testimony- a best man and a strongest female.

After the chapel or civil meeting, guests mind to a restaurant for a fantastic reception. As a symbol of joining the households, the bride and groom change modest bakery pieces that are covered in honey. Finally, another convention takes position– the bride and groom stand back to back and attempt to divide a loaf of food. The larger part that they take is believed to indicate who did maintain hegemony in the matrimony.

Another important part of the wedding is called еlina – where the groom goes to get the bride from her parents home. He does this accompanied by his “kumove” which is similar to the role of the best man and maid of honor in Western weddings russianbrides. During the celebration, they usually present gifts to the bride’s family including a wooden carved bottle filled with rakia.