Katherine Pomerantz: Accountant & Money Mentor PR For Entrepreneurs & Authors


Because I get how much you need creative chaos to thrive and impact the world. Since meeting Katherine and learning about her Chaos Money Framework, I knew I had found the answer. In the 6 months I have been working with her, I have a renewed sense of control over my business and my goals feel attainable! I am learning how to use money to my benefit, rather than let it hold me back. Give money a new role in your life and business by making it your teammate. It’s frustrating that many creative people still think of money as a villain they cannot conquer.

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Trump Special Counsel Gives Him Another Thing to Worry About.

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Then, I had to learn how to pair money mindset coaching with my growing financial expertise. This was how the Chaos Money Framework was born. I learned that money is a language to master, that it has the creative energy to build on itself, and that it’s possible to stop fighting money and instead make it a teammate.

I’d love to see a similar mentorship program for emerging photo editors, one that goes beyond a typical internship experience and pulls from a larger pool of candidates. Book a 90-minute Intensive with our team where we create a custom PR strategy for you. You’ll walk away with a clear, simple plan to help you get unstuck, and live a life with more opportunities and less limitations. Financial stability isn’t a destination but a journey, so Money Storytelling allows you to refine the system as your business grows.

I wasn’t always a money expert.

I had the most incredible boss, Natasha Lunn. Honestly, I didn’t even know what a photo editor was or what they did, so I learned on the spot. I went back to college, took more photo classes, and decided I wanted to return to New York after graduation to pursue photo editing. What can you add to your money rituals that will help you improve your money mindset? Doing this work around money is life-changing, trust me.


Turning off my phone and email, and spending time with my kids and husband. As much as I love my job, being able shift my focus in this way is crucial. Most of all I love experiencing the world through the eyes of a 4 and 6 year old. Everything is so simple and pure, it’s truly enlightening. She hired me about 2 years ago to work on a project with her.


Most importantly though, I would have helped more people. Because it’s challenging to accept that “wealth” and “success” are not static achievements. I need the Chaos Money Framework to help me choose and walk my wealth journey every day. Understanding the cash cycle in your business so that bills are paid when money is available. Mirjam Kooimanis an art historian and recently started working as a curator at Foam Photography Museum Amsterdam. Pauline Vermare is a French photography curator based in New York City and the cultural director at Magnum Photos, New York.


As a speaker, Katherine specializes in taxes, the CEO mindset, financial mapping and alignment, and using money holistically to build and scale a sustainable business and life. Her expertise has been featured by Buzzfeed, Elephant Journal, Discover Card, and the Penny Hoarder. While learning about money helped start my business, a few key personal realizations were what actually helped it to grow.

I flipped through the rest of the pages, not being able to read, and being moved by pictures. Groups like Women Photograph, Diversify Photo, and the Authority Collective are fantastic. Leaning on these groups is important – celebrating what they’re doing and using them as a resource is vital. Some of these groups have their own mentorship program.

At this full charge bookkeeper, you’ll receive three action items to move you toward your personal and professional goals. I believe you deserve so much more than just recording financial transactions and balancing books. I offer insight to help you realize your vision, mission and values. That said, I’m not a financial advisor, business coach or startup incubator. And even when I touch on these overlapping subjects, my approach is very different. The only money advice most of us receive growing up is “get a job”, but a job alone doesn’t ensure financial stability.

I created the Money Storyteller Framework.

You can follow this Money Map to reach your goals. Money is an emotional topic for many people. We not only need to master an outer monetary system, but also master our inner thoughts and emotions about at. When I started, I really, truly thought that I was going to acquire all this tax knowledge, teach it to my clients, and “BOOM! ” the problem would be solved and we’d all have successful, profitable companies to brag about.

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‘That is a smoke screen’: Top Democrat calls out Republicans after McCarthy vote.

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I learned this process was surprisingly easy and enjoyable, but no one – and I mean no one – gives you this critical education in school. Which is why if you pull back the curtain, almost everyone, in every industry, is struggling with money. In general, I would love to see more diversity in the role of photo editor. Your business should revolve around your life, not the other way around. If you’re feeling unaligned with your current life and career, I want to invite you to schedule a complimentary 30-minute legacy business and career review.

It’s her mission to demystify accounting and the jargon of big business so you can build the fun, fabulous business of your dreams. I’m willing to travel and my virtual firm allows me to be anywhere in the world. Whether you want to interview me, hire me to help clean up your business finances, or have some other project in mind – please reach out to I also became a licensed tax preparer and sought out creative business owners to work with.

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I’d love to meet and learn from more investors like her. Since I missed my chance with her, though, I’d also settle for more time to study the old-fashioned way. Clients need to understand how their money works and accountants need to relieve the burden of bookkeeping so clients can get fast, accurate financial data. Big goals create too much pressure, but tiny tasks are easy.

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Female Photographers to Follow From Around the World.

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Ever since, it’s been a joy connecting with her, and watching her revolutionize the accounting world one business at a time. Here’s the story of how she started her own bookkeeping business and became a Money Mentor. Basically, I want you to learn and live the Chaos Money Framework.

Katherine Pomerantz: Accountant & Money Mentor – PR For Entrepreneurs & Authors

First, creatives don’t naturally think like financial experts. We don’t always know how to keep our information straight or what the right questions to ask are. Thus, there are often mistakes in the information we provide accountants. Second, accountants could be helping us acquire this information ahead of time, but instead waste all their hours cleaning up client info because both sides only talk once a year. Using this framework, Katherine leads a virtual accounting team at the Bookkeeping Artist .


One way to change these systems is to grab the reins of your own financial resources, and one of the most powerful financial resources is tax strategy. Maybe my millennial is showing, but taxes are part of good self-care. Everyone knows there are penalties for paying too little in taxes, but paying too much hurts as well. As a money mentor and accountant for creatives-turned-business owners, I teach you how to communicate with money, so you can harness its creative energy and make it work for you.

Most accountants wait until the client asks for something, “like how much do I owe in taxes? So the information is not timely and most accountants rely not on their own expertise, but on the client’s knowledge to be accurate. Owning up to this relationship and learning to tackle my own “money blocks” was the first step.

  • Turning off my phone and email, and spending time with my kids and husband.
  • Mirjam Kooimanis an art historian and recently started working as a curator at Foam Photography Museum Amsterdam.
  • Because it’s challenging to accept that “wealth” and “success” are not static achievements.
  • I scored zero interviews in almost a year of job searching.
  • Results – Nothing says it more than a success story.

I was slowly realizing that I knew nothing about money. I felt if I could figure that out, then life would get better. That’s what I call the unique mix of financial reports you use to lead your business. Everyone’s Money Map will be different and that’s actually the purpose of the Chaos Money Framework. The Framework helps you break down big goals into actionable milestones. Then we turn those milestones into – wait for it – a map!

I’m my own customer here because Money Mapping really works. I also have an incredible coach to hold me accountable, a team to support the work I do, and I’ve invested heavily in my marriage and personal relationships. Katherine Harris Pomerantz is the Director of Photography at TIME magazine.

It’s really hard to live life – and even harder to run a business – if money only comes at the very end. If you’ve ever told yourself “I’m doing this for the experience” or “I haven’t earned yet,” then you’re making money your treasure. Every Wednesday, creative happenings in your inbox. My own Money Map tells me why and when I need help.